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 The different ways to apply your underglaze transfers


  1. Applying your transfers to greenware

    • wet clay - apply to wet clay by placing and rubbing. If needed rub again and add a very small about of water. Once you remove the transfer there is a risk of smudging. I typically will add my transfers at leather hard or bone dry.​​

    • Leather hard - apply transfer to desired location by placing and adding a very small amount of water with a damp sponge. Once place rub with a rib or finger to help transfer the imagine. Repeat if needed sometimes it takes a couple passes. Please note that due to the moisture there is still a risk of smudging.

    • Bone dry -place transfer in desired location add a small amount of water with the sponge. Rub along the back of the transfer to transfer the image do this several times until a clean transfer is obtained . Once dry there is still the possibility of smudging but is the least smudge prone time to add your transfers.

  2. Applying transfers to bisque ​​

    • place transfer in desired location adding a small amount of water to the back with a sponge gently. Rub the transfer gently and repeat with damp sponge until image has transferred. ​

Glazing your transfer

it is recommended that if you chose to use clear glaze you use a zinc free clear. There are many glazes that work with transfers however the opacity will determine how visible they will be. 

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Creating a transfer collage

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