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SE 128 Ash Green

SE 128 Ash Green

SE 128 Ash Green is a brilliant green shimmery glaze! The green of this glaze pools darker on texture similar to a celadon style glaze.


*** Glaze example depicted was fired on white grogged stoneware to cone 6 at medium speed in an electric kiln with a natural cool.


Stoneware Exotics area a range of effects and variegated glazes for use on stoneware. All may be used on fictional ware with the exception of SE013 (SE013 is not stocked by Ceramica Transfers). 


To obtain the best results, two to three solid coats of glaze are recommended. The effect obtained will depend on the thickness of the glaze and on the surface that has been decorated. 


Note: Some colours may run a little depending on the thickness and firing temperature, for that reason test tiles are recommended to observe glaze behaviour under your firing conditions prior to using on your work. 


Firing Range Cone 6 ( 1,222ºC / 2232ºF ) Cone 10 (1305ºC / 2381ºF )

Available Size 500 ML (  Slightly more than a pint 16.9 oz )

Application 2-3 Coats 

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