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Take Me to Amsterdam - Choose Your Colour

Take Me to Amsterdam - Choose Your Colour


Take Me to Amsterdam is a food safe ceramic underglaze transfer made of thin rice paper with a decal area of 13x19 inches. This paticular pattern includes 3 row wraps and a large pattern block. This transfer can be fired to a range of 04-10.


If using at Low fire - cone 04-06 or under cone 6 transfers cannot be left unglazed. Use glaze that best corresponds to your firing temp and ensure that the transfer is fully covered.


If using at Mid - High fire- cone 6-10 transfers can be left unglazed. Use glaze that corresponds to your firing temp where you wish. It is not necessary to cover the transfer at these temps.


    Underglaze transfer in blue

    13in x19in

    good to ^10


    Shipping globally with flat rate shipping in North America 

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