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Shapes - Vinyl Resist

Shapes - Vinyl Resist

Glaze resists made easy!


Tic Tac Design 8$- 130 vinyl stickers to use on your bisque to resist glaze. Each sticker is 1/4 inch x 3/4 inch. Bowl in picture's finished dimensions are 8.5 inches in diameter by 5.5 inches in height.


Polka Dots - small 4$ - 56 (3/8 inch Diameter), medium 8$ 50 (3/4 inch diameter), large 10$ 24 ( 1 38 inch diameter)


Xs and Os - 10$ small 49 of each total 98 approx. half an inch. 10$ Medium 3/4 of an inch approx. each 35 each total 70.


Scallops - 8$ approx 1 inch each 48 total


Maximize your purchase.

This product is printed on cricut smart vinyl because of this you can simply peel the vinyl sticker off the backing and use it. No need for transfer tape.


As a result of not needing transfer tape I can send you both parts of the vinyl once you use the circle or the tic tac shape you can use the background to make that shape on your piece (see the picture with the black dots).

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